The Nevada Development Authority (NDA) is the primary source of information on Southern Nevada’s business climate for companies seeking to relocate as well as for companies that are already here. The organization maintains an extensive array of current informational pieces covering a wide range of business topics. Many of the following publications are researched, compiled and published by NDA, while others are produced in cooperation with other agencies, members, business and research organizations. Call the NDA at (888) 466-8293 to place an order for a publication.

Sales Kit
NDA’s sales kit serves as its primary packet of information sent to companies that have expressed a strong interest in locating to Southern Nevada. The kit is designed to allow customization of each packet which allows NDA to include materials specific to the client. Typically included is a Las Vegas Perspective book, Southern Nevada Overview and various other informational pieces.

Las Vegas Perspective
Produced annually, the Las Vegas Perspective is a complete profile of Southern Nevada. Included within the 148-page book is the most current information available on Southern Nevada demographics, lifestyle, business, real estate, retail and tourism. Visit for more information.

Southern Nevada Overview
The Overview is a condensed sampling of the Las Vegas Perspective and provides a brief glance at Southern Nevada’s lifestyle, demographics and business community.

Membership Directory
Each year NDA updates its Membership Directory, which is a complete roster of its members. The publication lists each member alphabetically as well as by category. This allows users to easily locate products and services provided by NDA members.

Foreign Trade Zone
This publication is especially useful for companies involved in import or export businesses. The booklet provides valuable information on Foreign Trade Zones in general and specific information on Southern Nevada’s Foreign Trade Zone #89. The publication is produced in conjunction with the operator of the facility.

Published quarterly, NDA’s newsletter keeps members and clients informed on business topics, member happenings and NDA activities.

Tracking Southern Nevada's Economic Diversification
Published quarterly.  Click here for the most recent edition.

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